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Covid-19 update – Week 8, Tuesday 24th

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

On behalf of all of the staff I would like to thank our school community for their support during these difficult and ever changing circumstances.

Many of you have made the decision to keep your children at home. As of today we have 157 children at home. Our attendance is down to 68.3%. We fully support the decision these parents have made to keep their children at home.

For those of you sending your children to school, please know we also fully support your decision. We are focused on maintaining a calm and consistent learning environment.

The Department of Education has provided online learning resources for parents, caregivers and students and these are now available through the ‘Learning at home’ website:

Hygiene and cleaning

As mentioned in previous editions of the Katijiny, classroom teachers have been conducting regular lessons on hygiene. The children have been learning how to wash their hands thoroughly and how to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing. All teachers have been instructing children to wash their hands or to use hand sanitiser before crunch and sip, recess and lunch.

Our cleaners have been working very hard and following the cleaning guidelines developed by the Department of Education based on advice from the WA Department of Health. I would like to acknowledge and thank the cleaners for all of the extra work they have been doing to keep Millen clean. As a school we will be supporting the cleaners by:

  • keeping the classrooms and verandas tidy so the cleaners can spend their time cleaning
  • cleaning classroom door handles before and after school
  • changing the cleaners afternoon start time from 2.45pm to 3pm to limit the number of people around when they start work
  • extending their cleaning hours
Good news stories

This morning I heard some good news stories about some of the work children have been doing at home. Many parents have been working together to share ideas and discuss ways to connect with each other from home. We would love to share these stories through Connect and Facebook. If you have some good news we could share please email us. We would love to hear from you!

Social distancing

Understandably I have had some queries from parents about whether it is okay to continue to come into classrooms in the morning or whether they can continue to come in for parent help. We all need to do our best to adhere to social distancing. So, I ask you to please be mindful when dropping off and collecting your children. If a room looks busy perhaps wait a few minutes before taking your child inside, sit on the veranda and listen to your child read and enter the classroom when the crowd has thinned or do a quick drop off at the door.

Thank you,
Isobel Comrie,