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Requirements lists* are now ready for 2020!

In a few quick clicks, your child’s supplies can be sorted well before the new school year begins. You can view the lists for each year level below, or simply click on the image.

  • Search for your child’s school
  • Enter your school access code
  • Complete the required details, and you’ll find their requirements list ready for you to shop.

By ordering your child’s Back to School supplies through OfficeMax / Winc, we are giving you the chance to win back the cost of their requirements list up to the value of $150!
Order now for free delivery – free delivery ends 15 Dec, 2019

Note:  Orders placed after 31st December 2019 cannot be guaranteed before the start of the school term.  

Access Code:  W9PD6K

Download the relevant Book List for your child

Kindergarten 2020

Pre-Primary 2020

Year 1 2020

Year 2 2020

Year 3 2020

Year 4 2020

Year 5 2020

Year 6 2020

* Note:  supplies can be purchased through any outlet.