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Contribution & Charges

Download: Contributions and Charges 2023

Contributions and Charges

This amount has been calculated and endorsed by the School Board, in line with the Department of Education guidelines.

  • $60 per student for the year

Money collected will be used to supplement school expenditure for classroom and learning consumables. While contributions are voluntary, the quality of our teaching and learning programs will be maximized when each family contributes to the cost of supplementing funding gained from other sources, including the State and Commonwealth Governments.

In addition to the above student contributions we ask that each family pay a P&C Contribution. Money will be used by the P&C to fund WACSSO membership, canteen and uniform insurance, as well as fund recurring expenses and contributions to the school such as Year 6 Graduation, Student Awards, etc.

  • P&C Contribution—$40 per family (applied to the oldest child in each family)

Charges—Costs for Optional Components

Throughout the course of the year, students undertake activities as part of the curriculum which incur charges associated with specific learning activities. These activities are available to all students, but conditional upon payment being made prior to the commencement of the activity.

For example, In-Term Swimming, Edu-Dance, incursions and excursions. Students will only incur these costs if and when they participate in the activity, and parents will be notified when monies are due.

Charges may also include costs associated with specific learning activities, available to specific students, but conditional upon payment being made prior to the commencement of the activity. For example, Interschool sport, Year 6 camp, PEAC, Choir, Band and other special events.

A full schedule of charges will be made available prior to the commencement of each school year.

Items for Personal Use

Your child will be issued with a Booklist (Personal Items List). These will vary from class to class, and include items required by all students for use in lessons—for example, stationery items, library bag, art bag etc.

Students are required to have the items listed in his/her possession each school day in order to maximize participation in the learning opportunities presented. All items should be clearly labelled with the child’s given and last name, i.e. John Smith. The classroom teacher may store some items for later distribution. This will be explained by teachers at the beginning-of-year meetings, when classroom procedures are described. At the end of each term pencil cases will be sent home for checking and re-stocking of necessary items.

Voluntary Approved Funds

Voluntary Approved Activities at Millen Primary School include school fundraising and P&C fundraising activities. Participation in these activities is purely on a voluntary basis, and may involve sponsorship or a gold coin donation.

Approved school and community fundraising events may include free dress days, and community charity events such as the Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer; Shave for Cure, etc