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Absence & Arrival


SMS to 0437 887 585 – include child’s name and reason for absence

The Department of Education regulations requires an explanation from a parent/guardian within 3 days if a student is absent.

Absences may also be advised via a handwritten note given to the classroom teacher. The SMS messages and notes are retained and must coincide with absences marked on the class roll. The teacher will follow up all unexplained absences. Any continual unexplained absences will be referred to the school administration.

Permission to leave the school grounds will not be granted unless parent/carer advice has been received. Parents/carers are requested to sign a school register and obtain a ’leaving pass’ from the office if they need to take their child out of school during the course of the school day.

Future Absence Advice

If you know your child is going to be absent from the school on a date in the future, please complete the Future Absence Advice form below.

Online Future Absence Advice Form

Arrival Time

  • Parents are requested not to deliver children to school before 8:00am as they cannot be supervised by school staff.
  • If it is unavoidable, students who arrive prior to 8.00am must sit outside their classrooms until the duty teacher arrives at 8:00am.
  • Between 8am and 8:20am students are permitted to play in the quadrangle only .

Late Arrivals

  • Students who arrive after school has begun (8:35am or later) are required to attend the office to receive a Late Pass so their attendance can be marked on the attendance register.
  • If students are regularly late, school staff will contact parents to discuss the situation.