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Katitjiny – Week 2 19/10/2022

Week 2 – Commencing Monday, 19 October 2020

STEM Family Challenge Announcement

We had a very positive response to our challenge this year with 17 entries. Our STEMinist (Karen Wood) applied two criteria, Strength and Design, to select 10 finalists. In order to then select the grand finalists, our STEMinist used Aesthetics and Strength as the criteria. The selected grand finalists are;

Vijay family                                        Tan family

Jenkins family                                   Michaels family

Hardie family

The building packs will be available tomorrow (Tuesday, 20 October) from admin. Each pack will contain a set of instructions and the materials.


Containers for Change & Greenbatch collections

Millen Primary School is now registered in the Containers for Change scheme, and this will work in conjunction with our existing Greenbatch

The school will be able to collect all eligible plastic containers and aluminium cans, however due to student safety, we can’t accept glass items at school.
Please have a look below for which containers can be collected at Millen.

To make it easy for families (and for school staff to manage), Wednesday mornings will be the time to drop off your containers.  The bins will be on the verandah near the entrance to the office.

Plastic lids from milk and some drink containers can also be sent to Greenbatch, but these will need to be separate to the other containers.  Please ensure all containers and lids are rinsed clean.

You do not need to separate the eligible Containers for Change and Greenbatch containers. They can all go into the same collection bin.

Only the lids and bread tags need to be separated for collection at school.

These lids cannot be accepted






If you take your Containers for Change items (including all your eligible glass), to an over-the-counter depot, drop-off, RVM or mobile or pop-up site, simply use the Millen Scheme ID number –  C10322826 – and we will receive the 10-cent refund.


This week:

Monday 19th October – 9am – 10.30am PEAC Testing (Year 4 students only)

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday 28th October – Greenbatch Collection morning, STEM Assembly – NOTE THE CHANGE OF TIME TO 10:25am and STEM Fair and Family Challenge

Thursday 29 October – School Board meeting

Friday 30th October – Swimming permission notes and payments due

Monday 9th November – Interm Swimming commences