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Katitjiny – Week 3 02.08.2021

Week 3 – beginning Monday, 2 August 2021

STEM Day – Wednesday, 11 August

The Millen Primary School STEM day is in week 4 of this term to coincide with Science Week. As you are aware the students will attend an incursion on the day. They will also have an opportunity to share what they have been learning in STEM with other classes. As the finale to this day, we would like to invite parents to visit their children’s classrooms to view the excellent work that has been completed in STEM last semester. To make it easier for parents to visit all their children’s classrooms we have staggered the times that the classes will be open to parents. Please see below for your child’s year level and visiting time:

  • 45pm – 2.00pm: Years K, 2, 5
  • 00pm – 2.15pm: Years P, 3, 6
  • 15pm – 2.30pm: Years 1, 4

We look forward to celebrating all things STEM during the Millen STEM day.

A reminder to families that have not yet paid, there is a cost of $6 per child (Pre-Primary to Year 6 students only), for the STEAM incursion. Pay via Qkr! or cash at the school office.


Interm Swimming and Athletics Carnivals – important dates

This term the in-term swimming lessons will be taking place over a 4-week period and the interschool athletics carnival will be taking place the following week. For this reason, we have decided to hold both a junior and senior faction carnival.

In-term swimming lessons:
  • Years 3 – 6 – SENIORS – Swimming lessons from Monday, 16 August to Friday, 27 August (Weeks 5 & 6)
  • PP – Year 2 – JUNIORS – Swimming lessons from Monday, 30 August to Friday, 10 September (Weeks 7 & 8)

Payment for swimming lessons is now due.  If paying by cash, please ensure you complete the Permission Form and Enrolment Form which was sent home with students on Thursday/Friday

  • PP – Year 2 Jumps and throws on Tuesday, 17 August (Week 5)
  • PP – Year 2  Faction Carnival on Friday, 20 August (Week 5)
  • Years 3 – 6  Jumps and throws on Tuesday, 31 August (Week 7)
  • Years 3 – 6 Faction Carnival (including the 400m) on Friday, 3 September (Week 7)
  • Interschool jumps and throws on Tuesday, 4 September (selected students only)
  • Interschool Athletics Carnival on Thursday, 16 September (selected students only)
Soft plastics recycling

While choosing plastic-free options helps to reduce the soft plastics we’re using, we still inevitably end up with some. Don’t put them in your green or yellow bins, let them have a second life as outdoor furniture or signage! Redcycle collection bins are available at most local Coles. You can drop off everything from chip packets to zip-lock bags to bubble wrap – for a full list see

TIP: Keep a container, bin or bag for recyclable soft plastics in a central spot like the kitchen and train everyone in your family to put soft plastics there. Then write on the top of your shopping list, TAKE SOFT PLASTICS! You’ll be in the habit of regularly dropping off your soft plastics in no time!


This Week:

Monday 2 August  – 1.40pm Tree Planting Ceremony

Tuesday 3 August

  • PEAC Testing
  • Millen’s Young Carers Peer Support Program

Wednesday 4 August

  • Room 2 Assembly – 8:35am
  • Aboriginal Health Testing

Thursday 5 August

  • Interschool Cross Country
  • 3pm School Board’s Annual Public Meeting
Next Week:

Monday 9 August – 7pm P&C meeting

Wednesday 11 August – STEM Day

Friday 13 August – Footy Friday – Yr 6 fundraising day