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Katitjiny – Week 3 – 15.02.2021

Week 3 – beginning 15th February, 2021

Congratulations to all of our children for their brilliant behaviour last week. There were lots of brave faces and lots of big smiles. I heard stories about butterflies in tummies and also about new friends and fun lessons!

Thank you so much to all of our parents and caregivers. We appreciated your flexibility with drop off and pick up times, especially in the Kindy and Pre-primary classes. Next week, we will be back to Phase 4 conditions. Adults are still required to maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from each other, so we ask you to please ensure you wait to enter a classroom if it is busy and you spread out while waiting on the verandas.

Classrooms will open at 8.20am and lessons will start at 8.30am. If you arrive at 8.40am or later you will need to please collect a late pass from the office. School will finish at 2.45pm. If you need to collect your child early, you will need to please collect a ‘Leaving Early’ pass from the office.

I am also pleased to confirm (at the time of writing this newsletter) no-one will be required to wear a mask.


You may have noticed we have a ‘senior’ assembly next week. The time has come to divide our assemblies into junior and senior assemblies. We still have lots of whole school events planned including the Easter Hat Parade at the end of this term. The parents of children receiving a merit certificate at the assembly next week, will be notified via SMS this Friday.

Third Party Online Consent for Students:

Next week you will receive an email from the school with a link to a form seeking approval for your child(ren) to access a number of third party online apps. These online third party services often require

separate account creation and login credentials, and provide content, activities or transactions via the internet.

The Department of Education has recently revised their Student Online in Public School Policy to assess the level of risk involved with providing personal information. All Third Party Apps used within our school have undergone a risk assessment by the Department of Education.

Parents/Guardians will be required to provide consent for use of the apps, and non-reply will be considered non-consent.

It is important to note that Millen Primary School provides access to Department of Education online services. These enhance the contemporary learning opportunities available to students and the range of teaching tools available to staff to deliver the Western Australian Curriculum.

We seek your permission to expand upon these opportunities and widen students’ experiences. The form should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete, and we ask that you do it as soon as possible.

Isobel Comrie


This week:

Monday, 15 February – 3pm Parent meetings held in classrooms:

  • Kindy Kwelena and Waitj Rooms 14 & 15
  • Year 5 Room 3

Tuesday, 16 February – 3pm Parent meeting held in classroom:

  • Year 5 Room 19

Thursday, 18 February – 3pm Parent meetings held in classrooms:

  • Kindy Norn and Yonga Rooms 14 & 15
  • Year 1 Room 12
  • Year 2 Rooms 8 & 9
  • Year 2/3 Room 6
  • Year 3 Rooms 5 & 7
Upcoming events:

Monday, 22 February – 3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 1, 11, 16, 17, 18 and 20

Tuesday, 23 February – 3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 2 and 4

Thursday, 25 February:  8:45am – Senior assembly hosted by Yr 4, Room 4 Mrs Italiano      *  3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 10 & 13