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Katitjiny – Week 4 18.05.2020

School Board update

On Thursday, 14 May the Millen School Board met for our second meeting of the year. A little different to usual being online!

The following are the main points discussed:

  • Higgins Park Master Planning. Paul Kellick is Millen’s nominated representative involved he and gave us an update on options being considered and potential impact on Millen.
  • The Board approved the School’s year to date Finance Report, and noted the Funding Agreement between the Department of Education and the School. The Funding Agreement outlines the accountability expectations of the principal in relation to the management of funding to the school.
  • The impact of COVID-19 and the strategies in place at Millen to manage the disruption. The Board acknowledged the significant work undertaken and thanked all Millen staff for their dedication and commitment to supporting each other, and our children.
  • Board vacancies for Parent members will be advised in the next few weeks.

Minutes and other Board documentation can be accessed here:

Linda Adnyana, Millen PS Board Chair 

Return to school

Last week 85% of our students attended school. It was wonderful to see more children return. This week marks the first week all students are expected to attend school.

Exemptions apply for students with a medical referral to learn at home or for those with a family member with a medical condition requiring the family to stay at home. If you believe this applies to your family please email or call 9264 7600 to discuss.

Pupil Free Day

The School Board had approved the date for the extra pupil free day each Government school has been given due to disruptions to school planning caused by Covid-19. Please book this into your calendar.

Pupil Free Day – Friday, 21 August

Student Reports on Connect

Student reports from 2019 are now available on Connect – and this will be how future reports are distributed to parents.  Parents will need to login using their Parent ID number.  If you have any problems navigating to the reports there is a help sheet in the Connect library.

Library Books

We have a huge number of library books outstanding from Term 1.  Could you please ensure your child(ren) return their books so that they can continue borrowing.

Isobel Comrie


Monday, 1 June: Public holiday – WA Day

Wednesday, 10 & Thursday, 11 June:  School photos

Friday, 3 July:  Helicopter Happenings – whole school STEM event (no cost, more details coming soon)

Friday, 24 July:  Deadline for Kindy 2021 Applications