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Katitjiny – week 4 – 22.02.2021

Week 4 – beginning 22 February 2021

Public School Review

Millen Primary School has been scheduled for a Public School Review on Wednesday, 31 March.

Prior to the review, the school undertakes a self-assessment. This requires us to identify how we are going, provide the evidence we have based this judgement on, and outline any actions we will be taking to make improvements.

A review team comprising a Director, Public School Review and a co-opted public school principal will then conduct the review. The review team will read the school’s self-assessment and then meet with students, staff and parents. Following this visit, the school staff and school community are provided with feedback to help us maintain or improve Millen’s performance.

Secondary School Presentation – Year 5 and 6 Parents

For those of you who would like to find out about the programs offered at our local secondary school, Kent Street Senior High School, there will be a presentation (for students and parents) in the undercover area at 2pm on Tuesday, 30 March. Staff from Como Secondary College will also be sharing information about their specialist programs for those interested in applying.

Assembly – Year 4 Room 4

Our first assembly of the year is a senior assembly. This will be hosted by the students of Room 4 on Wednesday, 24 February.

Exciting news!

Our Visual Arts teacher will be working with the students to come up with a mural design to paint on the student toilet block this term. The plan is to combine the students’ drawings and ideas into a paint by number type artwork that then the students themselves will paint during weekly art lessons. We would love some school community help!
There will be opportunities to work on the design (a culmination of student work), transferring the design onto the outside walls and then, of course painting! If you would like to be part of this exciting project and help out in any way (big or small) please contact Ms Hill and let her know how you would like to help and when you can be available.

School Accounts, Student Update Forms & Third Party Online Consent

Many thanks to the families who have paid their 2021 Contributions.

We have had several queries regarding the amount of $35 that appears with the description ‘Not Specified’ in the bottom section of the Statement.  This is the $35 P&C Contribution which is applied to each family, and is a voluntary contribution.

The green Student Update Forms can be returned either to your child’s classroom teacher, or directly to the office.  We ask that you return it, signed, even if there are no changes.

A Connect notice was sent on Tuesday 16th February to all parents regarding Online Consent for Students with a link to a permission form.  If you haven’t already had a chance to complete the form,  we ask that you do so as soon as possible.  It is mandatory that the school has a completed form for every student in the school.  If you would prefer a paper copy, please contact the office staff.

Isobel Comrie


This week:

Monday, 22 February – 3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 1, 11, 16, 17, 18 and 20

Tuesday, 23 February – 3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 2 and 4

Wednesday, 24 February – 8:45am – Senior assembly hosted by Yr 4, Room 4 Mrs Italiano

Thursday, 25 February – 3pm – Parent meetings – Rooms 10 & 13

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, 3 March – 8.45am – Junior assembly hosted by Year 2 Room 9, Mrs Woods

Monday, 8 March – 7pm P & C Association AGM

Wednesday, 10 March – 8.45am – Senior assembly hosted by Year 2/3 Room 6, Mrs Frost

Wed 17 & Thu 18 March – School Photos