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Katitjiny – week 7 – 15.03.2021

Week 7 – Beginning Monday 15th March, 2021

 Public School Review  

Millen Primary School has been scheduled for a Public School Review on Wednesday, 31 March. Reviews are conducted on a three-year cycle. Following each review, a timeframe of return of either one, three or five years is determined. Millen was last reviewed in 2012.

Our review will be conducted by Maxine Augustson, Director, Public School Review and a co-opted principal, Vanessa Blythe, Principal, Springfield Primary School

The process requires us to develop a set of self-assessed judgements describing how we are going, supported by evidence. These judgements then form the basis of described follow-up actions for improvement. The PSR is conducted by staff under 6 domains as follows:

  1. Relationships and Partnerships
  2. Learning Environment
  3. Leadership
  4. Use of Resources
  5. Teaching Quality
  6. Student Achievement and Progress

The reviewers complete a desktop evaluation of the evidence, judgements and future actions identified by the school and follow-up with the school-based validation visit to confirm their evaluation of our self-assessment. During the school-based validation the Reviewers will meet with school leadership, teaching and non-teaching staff, school board representatives, parents and students.

The school will be provided with a Public School Review report once the review is finalised. This report will outline the school’s strengths and areas for improvement and the timeframe for the next review.

Isobel Comrie,