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Katitjiny – Week 7 22.11.2021

Week 7 – beginning 22 November, 2021

Year 6 Arcade Day

For their Design and Technology unit this term, the Year 6 students have created full sized arcade games using sustainable materials and joining techniques (based on Caine’s Arcade This event will be held as a fundraising event to raise money for the Year 6 students’ graduation gift to the school.

All classes from Kindergarten to Year 5 will visit the Year 6 Arcade this Wednesday. The games are priced at 50c – $1.50, so please remember to give your child some spare change or gold coins to spend.

Parents of Year 6 students are invited to attend – best time from 1pm.

Millen’s Got Talent

The Student Councillors have finished the auditions and the selected acts have been notified! The show will be held in the undercover area at 1.45pm this Thursday. The parents of children who are performing are welcome to attend the show.

Look at these Millen students doing their Boodja Band jobs in their ‘new’ vests!

Our year 5 soft plastics and Containers for Change boys have saved 4 huge bags of soft plastics from landfill and our first deposit to containers for change raised just over $50.

Our year 4 compost collection crew get around every afternoon and make sure than all the apple cores and banana peels end up feeding the soils where Mr Jeff is improving the soil to grow healthy plants.

Go Planet Millen🍃 love your work

Good news!

Last Wednesday. the Millen Movers completed our end of year transport survey with great results.

  • 13% decrease in driving
  • 60% increase in walking
  • 36% increase in cycling
  • 39% decrease in public transport
P&C Disco

A big shout out from the disco committee to our Millen kids for attending the 2021 Disco and making it a success. The volunteers on the night and the year 6 committee did an amazing job to keep everything running smoothly, from door patrol, face painting, food preparation and distribution, sausage sizzling and decorating to the big clean up at the end of the night.

The night’s success was in part due to the fabulous donations from our local business community. Our sponsors were:

  • Spudshed Bentley who donated all the fruit and gave us the buns and sausages at cost price,
  • Hannah Beasley MP who donated money towards our fab DJ Niccy-Mac plus three door prizes,
  • Hawaiian Group EVP,
  • Bunnings EVP and
  • Coles EVP.

The generous donations from our sponsors mean that we are looking at a profit of about $2,400 for the P&C. We have donated $200 to the year 6 graduation fund as well.

The door prizes for each session were won by William Green PP, Jaylee Hammond Yr2 and Annabelle Hynch Yr3. Congratulations to them and enjoy your voucher from Crow Books.

Thank you again for your support for the disco. We really enjoyed seeing everyone have so much fun on the night.

Kelsie, Sandi and Maria

  • Return your Unallocated Credit advice forms
  • Finalise any outstanding payments
  • Donation box for Brightwater Christmas Appeal is in the office
  • Put Tuesday 14th December – Edu-Dance Concert @ 5pm – in your diary
  • Keep looking at the Out of School & Community Activities page on the website for new activities and vacation care.


This Week

Tuesday, 23 November – Young Carers’ Peer Support

Wednesday, 24 November – Year 6 Arcade Day – parents of Year 6 students only can attend

Thursday, 25 November – 1.45pm Millen’s Got Talent

Next Week

Wednesday, 1 December – Orientation day at Kent Street SHS for Year 6 students

Friday, 3 December – International Day of People with Disability