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Katitjiny – Week 8 – 06.09.2021

Week 8 – beginning Monday, 6 September 2021

Running Club

All children from Kindergarten to Year 6 are invited to come to Running Club from 8am – 8.20am each Thursday on the oval. Parents, carers and younger siblings are welcome!

Mr Byron has set up Active4me run club. Each child in Years 1 – 6 now has their own individual QR code. This code can be used during fitness lessons in class and during Running Club to record the number of laps and distance each child runs. This information will be used to present Running Club certificates next term.

Help fight the war on food waste by helping yourself to some bread!

Thanks to one of our wonderful Millen parents (Roberta Vlaar) our school community now has the opportunity to help fight the war on food waste.

There are some wonderful volunteers in our community who are working hard to help reduce food waste by distributing day old bread to those in need and those who want to reduce food waste. Knowing that one third of the world’s food is wasted, there is always going to be good food going in the bin. So how can you help? By taking a bag of rolls or bread!  Please note that you do NOT need to be needy to take some, you only need to want to help reduce food waste. Take one, take two, take some for your elderly neighbour or your workmate who is having a party. The bread will be placed on the desk in the old office a couple of times a week so please help yourself (and don’t forget to recycle the soft plastics and bread tags😉).

 R U OK Day

R U Ok? Day is this Thursday, 9 September. Looking out for one another and lending support is a key life skill for any age group. Class teachers will be using the Kindergarten to Year 6 classroom toolkit to provide age appropriate activities to recognise this day.

Faction Carnivals:

We have now completed both the Junior and Senior Faction Carnivals, and are happy to announce the following outcome:
4th place               664 points          DJERAN

3rd place               852 points          BIRAK

2nd place              898 points          MAKURU

1st place               942 points          KAMBARANG

Congratulations to all of the boys and girls who competed at the carnival! Well done to the Senior Champion Boys and Girls and the Runner Up Champions.

Runners-Up Hannah Coach – Makuru Byron Holm – Kambarang
Champion Maisy Rohde – Kambarang Jake McGurk – Makuru
YEAR 4    
Runner-Up Pema Choden – Birak Everett Wray – Birak
Champion(s) Emalea Brown – Djeran Luke Waugh – Kambarang
YEAR 5    
Runner-Up Sasha Warren – Kambarang Hugo Elliot – Makuru
Champion(s) Zoe Jones – Birak Hadley Walker – Makuru
YEAR 6    
Runners-Up Grace Borbely – Kambarang

Emma Waugh – Kambarang

Lilli Halse – Birak

Blake Holtzman – Djeran
Champion(s) Millie Wilson – Birak Farley Neill – Makuru
 Scholastic Book Club

Scholastic Book Club, Issue 6 is now available & student catalogues should be arriving home soon with your child (if they haven’t already). Orders close 19th September.

We are waiting on delivery of the books/ items ordered from Issue 5, and as soon as they are received, I will get them distributed to your child’s classroom.  If you have any questions about Book Club, please email me on:

Happy Reading!

Sandi Chase
Scholastic Book Club Coordinator


This week:

Monday 6 September – In-term swimming continues each day – PP – Yr 2 students only

Thursday 9 September – R U OK Day

Next week:

Tuesday 14 September – Interschool Jumps & Throws – selected students only

Wednesday 8 September – Junior Assembly – Rm 8

Thursday 9 September – Interschool Athletics – selected students only