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Physical Education & Health

Physical Education

Physical Education at Millen Primary School has a focus on Fundamental Movement Skills from Year 1—3 and game play and tactics in Years 4—6. Millen competes in a number of school and interschool carnivals, as well as in-term swimming lessons.

Millen students are offered a number of clinics throughout the year, which expose them to new sports as well as enhancing their fundamental movement skills.  These skills carry on into Physical Education lessons and junior and senior sport.

Initiatives have led to increased participation from students and a better understanding of the different sports. This will be evident as the juniors progress and are more prepared for the summer and winter sports carnivals in senior years.

Extra-curricular activities have also been offered to students with running club and interschool practice. This has increased students’ preparation for these events and also improved or maintained outcomes in school and interschool event results, such as Cross Country and the Interschool Athletics Carnival.

The link with Carnaby Kids and Curtin University has seen great improvement in the organisation and facilities used for the Winter Sports Carnival. This has been applauded by the association and is going to carry through to other carnivals in the future. These successes will keep on improving the students’ and school’s outcome in PE lessons, while representing Millen during sporting events.