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Kindy at Millen

We welcome you to our Kindy program and thank you for trusting us to educate your child.  As parents ourselves, we know that the first encounter with leaving your child at school can be daunting. The information included on these pages will, hopefully, answer many of your questions and enable you and your child to prepare for their year in Kindy, and future years of schooling.

What your child will learn:

  • To feel confident in a large group.
  • To be independent, but not afraid to ask for help.
  • To share.
  • Simple routines and rules.
  • To communicate with others.
  • To develop good relationships with others.
  • To express themselves in speech, music, drama, and art.
  • To observe, question and organise their thinking about the world.
  • To develop their own individual learning patterns.
  • To build on their curiosity.
  • To gain a positive feeling about themselves
“I need all of these to grow into a happy, healthy person. Remember,I will learn at my own rate, and this may be faster or slower than others.”

The Program

Our educational programs are planned throughout the year, around the individual child’s needs and developmental growth. These programs are suited to fulfil the child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. The program incorporates free play periods and small group instructional periods. They include stories, music and discussion sessions. This setting helps to prepare the child for school and the formal years.

During the year, we hope to develop your child’s independence, confidence and skills that will ensure a smooth and happy transition to future schooling.


Being happy at school is important, especially, in the first year, so make an appointment with your child’s teacher sooner rather than later if you think your child is experiencing a problem.