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Learning at Home

Resources for parents to support your child’s education in an ‘At Home Learning’ environment.

Many of our families have understandably, and with our full support, made the decision to keep their children at home. However, we still have many children attending school each day. We have prepared work packages for students in each year level and these will be made available on Connect in the case of a school closure.

In the meantime, the Department of Education ‘Learning at Home’ website provides resources and helpful tips for parents to support children learning at home. I encourage you to access this site.

Under ‘Learning resources by year level’ you will find numerous resources organised by year level. You can select a year level and then choose resources from different learning areas. I would also recommend you explore the ‘Learning resources from across the nation’.

Under ‘Support for parents and carers’ you will find a few tips to help you to set up your home learning environment. These include creating structure, making the space comfortable, establishing a schedule, setting up rules and organising technology and equipment. You will also find a link to the curriculum under ‘Support for parents and carers’.

And, remember to regularly check Connect for specific communication from your child’s classroom teacher.

Other sites that have learning resources include: (for Kindy/Pre-primary)