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Learning at Home

Learning at Home with Millen Primary School – Term 2 2020

Information for Parents and Caregivers

Weekly learning programs

Teachers have prepared simple, routine lessons presented as weekly learning programs. These have been designed to be accessible by all students. Many of the lessons will focus on consolidation and revision. Some lessons will follow familiar classroom activities and routines. Some lessons will cater for pre-established ability groups and other lessons will be open-ended and therefore cater for a range of ability levels.

Many lessons do not require any printing. Students can refer to the worksheet provided but complete the task in an exercise book or scrapbook. Once the weekly program and resources have been downloaded on Monday, they can be viewed without internet connection.

Each child will need an exercise book, scrapbook or paper and some basic stationery. For advice on how to set up a suitable learning space click on this link:

Each week there will be additional activities for those who would like to complete more work. These may be in the form of a weekly project, a challenge, an enrichment activity or an online program.

The specialist teachers will also send home weekly activities. Most of these will also not require printing nor require children to be online.

The children who attend school next term will complete the same ‘Learning at Home with Millen Primary School’ weekly learning programs with the support of school staff. We don’t know how many children we will have at school and we are aware this may change daily. We will make decisions about the grouping, supervision and teaching of these children once the term begins and we will be prepared to make changes when required.

How and when ‘Learning at Home with Millen’ will be delivered

Class and specialist teachers will send their ‘Learning at Home with Millen’ weekly learning programs to parents (K – 2) and to children (3 – 6) via a Connect Notice. Hard copy work packages will be provided for children without access to the internet and/or technology.

From Term 2 (commencing Wednesday, 29 April), the parents of children in Kindergarten to Year 2 will hear from their child’s class teacher(s) three times a week and, where relevant, their child’s specialist teachers once a week. The students in Years 3 – 6 will hear from their class teacher(s) three times a week and their specialist teachers once a week. This will be done via Connect.


 Learning at Home with Millen Primary School

A Notice from the class teacher will be sent via Connect. The Notice will provide an outline of the week’s learning program, a recommended learning schedule and will include the following activities with supporting resources:

  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Weekly inquiry/ project/ challenge/ topic
The class teacher will make contact via Connect. Parents and children will be invited to share the following:

  • Questions about tasks
  • Achievements
  • Interesting things learnt
  • Funny anecdotes about learning at home
  • Photographs of work or of children completing work
The specialist teachers will send a weekly Notice on Connect. (K and P will not receive this weekly Notice as they do not have classes with specialist teachers).
Class teachers will send a weekly summary/reflection addressing the questions asked and sharing the students’ learning experiences, funny stories and photos.
Will hard copy work packages be available?

Hard copy work packages are being provided for children without access to the internet and/or technology.

Will Millen be using WebEx, Zoom etc?

We are keeping things simple for children, parents and teachers while we all adjust to this new way of learning. As the term progresses we will continue to use Connect and we may explore other modes of engaging with our children and families. This will be done with careful planning and for a purpose.

Communication between home and school

The Katijiny will continue to be circulated on Monday mornings. We will ensure we keep you updated with the information you need to know about Millen and any new information we receive from the Department of Education.

  • Teachers can be contacted directly via email during the day. They will answer your questions as soon as they can, either through the weekly summary/reflection, or via direct email.
Year Level
Room No.
Teacher Name
Teacher Email
Kindy Room 14
Waitj & Yonga groups
CLARKE Leticia
Kindy Room 15
Norn & Kwelena groups
BULFER Kristen
Kindy & PP Rms 15 & 16 KENNY Claudia
Pre-Primary Room 16
Pre-Primary Room 17
Dwert Mokiny
GREYLING Stephanie
Pre-Primary Room 17
Dwert Mokiny
Pre-Primary Room 18
Djidi Djidi
NEWBY Elizabeth
Pre-Primary Room 18
Djidi Djidi
HEALY Nicole
Year 1 Room 12 WORTLEY Rhonda
Year 1 Room 13 UITERMARK-MIJATOVIC Francoise
Year 1 Room 10 ELSEGOOD Georgina
Year 1/2 Room 11 CLARK Maree
Year 2 Room 8 BARRON Rowena
Year 2 Room 9 WOODS Janita
Year 2/3 Room 6 FROST Joanne
Year 3 Room 7 GABB Patricia
Year 3 Room 7 WHEELER Rebecca
Year 4 Room 3 WILLIAMS Silvia
Year 4 Room 4 CRAVEN Brett
Year 5/6 Room 19 REIGER Rebecca
Year 5/6 Room 2 HARE Ronald
Year 6 Room 1 ITALIANO Monique
Art HILL Tamara
Health KAUR Malkit
Japanese KERANXI Victoria
Music BROWN Julianne
Phys Ed ANDERSON Russell
  • The administration team can be contacted on 9264 7600 or via email.

For support with Connect and general enquiries phone 9264 7600 or email:

 For educational enquiries, student wellbeing and issues or concerns:

Future considerations

We don’t know how long parents will be encouraged to keep their children at home. Therefore, we will be flexible and ready to adapt as the situation evolves. We will continue to communicate with you and we are here to assist you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Resources for parents to support your child’s education in an ‘At Home Learning’ environment.

Many of our families have understandably, and with our full support, made the decision to keep their children at home. However, we still have many children attending school each day. We have prepared work packages for students in each year level and these will be made available on Connect in the case of a school closure.

In the meantime, the Department of Education ‘Learning at Home’ website provides resources and helpful tips for parents to support children learning at home. I encourage you to access this site.

Under ‘Learning resources by year level’ you will find numerous resources organised by year level. You can select a year level and then choose resources from different learning areas. I would also recommend you explore the ‘Learning resources from across the nation’.

Under ‘Support for parents and carers’ you will find a few tips to help you to set up your home learning environment. These include creating structure, making the space comfortable, establishing a schedule, setting up rules and organising technology and equipment. You will also find a link to the curriculum under ‘Support for parents and carers’.

And, remember to check Connect for specific communication from your child’s classroom teacher.

Other sites that have learning resources include: