I have a son at Millen and my daughter was here from Kindy to Y6. I will have the pleasure of being a Millen parent for 13 years by the time Kawi graduates.

I am a graduate of Curtin University and have additional qualifications in corporate governance. I spent the first 13 years of my professional career in the public health system in senior leadership roles in administration, hospital management in the South West and in major hospital redevelopment projects.

In 2010 I moved to Curtin University, and have had a wide variety of experience including in the Curtin Medical School, tutoring in Academic Writing, managing strategic projects and most recently overseeing Curtin’s Regional Education strategy.

In my non-work life I like to run (slowly), go to the beach, watch hours of kids sports and pick up very small pieces of Lego off the floor.

Janine Leng, School Board Secretariat

I am the Corporate Service Manager at Millen Primary School since 2008 and both my children attended Millen. Before being employed at Millen, I worked as a Chartered Accountant, specialising in tax and small business accounting and made the carer change as it suited our family life. I love being a part of the Millen community as I think Millen is a very special place, surrounded by wonderful people.

Renee Darbyshire

I work part-time as a community development professional and my husband and I have two boys at Millen Primary School. I am passionate about inclusive education and raising good citizens. In my spare time I love exploring the bush or beach with my family or cooking and gardening when at home, and I like to get involved in the local community, too.

I am excited to bring my skills and experience to the Millen school board and contribute to the strategic oversight of the school’s objectives. My aim is to make a valuable contribution to the school community by helping to grow a culture of best practice, holistic education, with a strong emphasis on collaboration while promoting the school’s values of respect, responsibility, resilience and excellence so that each student has the best start to school and life.

Belinda Farcich

I have worked at Millen Primary school since 2018, prior to this I was lucky enough to complete my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education internship at Millen Primary in 2016 under the guidance of Leticia Clarke.

Throughout my career as an educator I have worked in day-care settings as well as several Department schools throughout the Perth suburbs. I have worked under several positions including Kindergarten and Pre-Primary teacher to a Digital Literacy specialist.

Outside of school I like to walk my two dogs and hang out with my two cats. I enjoy an active lifestyle.

Joanne Frost

I have been a part of the Millen community both as a parent and now a teacher.

My daughter  and son have both attended Millen.

My teaching career began in country W.A where I taught in Kalgoorlie for 7 years.

I moved back to the metropolitan area where I have taught in city schools for the past 20 years.

In 1991 I graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor In Primary Education and in 2000 I completed further study at Murdoch University gaining a Certificate in Early Childhood Education.

Outside of teaching I am kept very busy being a mum to my 3 lovely children! I spend most weekends at my children’s sporting events, skate parks, libraries, museums and the beach.

I’m an avid reader and enjoy being a part of a book club and I also enjoy taking walks around the river.

Tamara Hill

I feel blessed to have been part of the Millen Primary School community since 2007 when my own three children started school here after we moved back to Perth from Queensland.  Having been, over the years, a parent, P&C member, education assistant and now teacher I am delighted to now join the school board.
With degrees in both Visual Art and Education I feel like I’m living my dream working as Art Specialist here at Millen. I am, on a daily basis, amazed and enthralled at the artistic skill and creativity displayed by the students.

As an advocate for the arts, community, culture and wellbeing I volunteer my some of my spare time to a not for profit organisation – The North Midlands Project. The organisations mission is to strengthen regional communities through culture, arts, history and heritage.

When I’m not making and talking about art with the young creatives at Millen I love to sit back and watch my own children grow into unique, happy and successful young adults.  Like many of us I love to grow things in the garden, eat good food and be with the people I love. My perfect day starts with a nice cup of tea in bed and some time to watch the big tree outside my bedroom window.

Emily Hunt

I have three children at Millen, ranging from Year 1 to Year 6. I am a Speech Pathologist with postgraduate qualifications in management and health promotion, and I am currently researching language development in bilingual children.

Paul Kellick

I have 2 little men attending Millen, one in year 2 and the other in year 5, and they are both thriving in the Millen school community. I am grateful for this positive environment and want to ‘give back’ by volunteering for the School Board.

I work in local government and my passion is building the infrastructure that supports communities. Schools are part of this community and this experience is beneficial to the role.

I have recently completed a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) which highlighted the importance of building tomorrow’s leaders from a young age and Millen is doing a fantastic job in this space. I am also keen to further celebrate the diversity of our school community.

Han Oh

I am a father of 2 boys currently enrolled at Millen (with a 3rd to come). I am a product of a variety of education systems, having been schooled in Singapore and locally in both the government and private sectors.

I am a local graduate of UWA and recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Implant Dentistry at the University of Sydney. I am currently in private practice as a dentist in Leederville. I also serve as a Clinical Tutor at the Oral Health Centre of WA and as Senior Clinical Consultant for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, NSW.

As I reflect upon my education experience, I strongly believe that primary school sets important foundations to our children’s core values.  A strength of Millen is its fierce community spirit and vast cultural diversity, which are values I strongly believe in and wish to build on.

Kristeen Penny

I am a full time stay-at-home mum, taking care of seven children, five of whom are currently students at Millen Primary School.  Our family is proudly Nyoongar and Yamatji, and I look forward to working with the school in developing their cultural initiatives for all students.

Toby Stanton

I am a new parent to Millen Primary School.  My daughter is in the wonderful Room 11 this year.  I would like to nominate as a parent representative on the School Board to be part of maintaining the culture of excellence that is present at Millen Primary School.

I am passionate in ensuring the school my children attend brings the best out of them now and in their future endeavours. I am an Outdoor and Physical Education Teacher at Lynwood Senior High School.  I have been involved in the education system, in numerous roles, for 8 years. The foundations of my career come from instructing children of all ages in the outdoors.

This would be my first tenure on a School Board.  What I lack in experience, I bring in dedication to the role and a genuine desire to be part of mine and your children’s future.