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Vision & Values

Millen Primary School is committed to providing a safe, supportive, caring, inclusive environment in which individuals feel a sense of belonging within a culture of community.

Our school values are:

Respect; Responsibility; Resilience and Excellence. 

Staff, students and parents work in partnership in order to assist students to achieve their academic potential, develop independence and autonomy through socialisation and take personal responsibility for their actions and behaviours. All community members take responsibility for our school environment and demonstrate a pride in our school. 


A commitment to achieving the best possible learning outcomes for all students, and to develop social, emotional and ethical skills that will enable them to be effective members of society, and also contribute to shaping and improving their community in the future. 

We believe children learn best when: 

  • The teacher manages an effective and developmentally appropriate classroom environment, where relationships with children are fundamental. 
  • The learning programs are designed to challenge and develop deeper conceptual understanding. 
  • Their learning experiences are motivating, positive and investigative which involve reflective processes. 
  • They are given opportunities to work independently and cooperatively with defined goals. 
  • They feel safe to take risks in a stimulating, positive and supportive environment and are rewarded fortheir efforts.