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Millen Bike Bus

Welcome to Millen Bike Bus

A Bike Bus is a group cycle to school. It follows the same route and timetable each week, with ‘passengers’ joining along the way. Just like a standard bus, you should try to be at your stop on time. Also like a standard bus, you don’t have to catch the Bike Bus every time it runs!

We’re still in the process of getting the Bike Bus up and running, so we may make a few changes as we work out the best routes and timings, and change routes to make sure everyone can join in. We have a Whatsapp group to keep you updated and help you catch the Bike Bus.

Fill out this quick online survey to make sure our route comes close to you, and to get added to the Whatsapp group that will give you live updates on Bike Bus days.

The Bike Bus is currently led by parents and there is no teacher supervision. Parents/guardians remain responsible for their children at all times.

Benefits of the Millen Bike Bus

  • Riding as a group helps keep us all safe, as we’re more visible and can cross roads together.
  • Riding to school decreases traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and air pollution.
  • Riding together is a fun way to start the school day!

Is the Millen Bike Bus Safe?

Safety on the streets

At the moment the Bike Bus will mostly travel on footpaths as we work out safe routes and start small. As more people join and we work out the best routes, we may shift to taking a lane of the road.

Safety online

The Bike Bus route is public, and we also have a Whatsapp group to help coordinate. We might take and share photos now and then to help promote the Bike Bus – if we do, we’ll check in with you about it.

Who can join the Millen Bike Bus?

Anyone can join in! At the moment we ask that every child rides with an adult, unless you’ve checked in with us and made other plans. As the Bike Bus gets bigger, we hope that fewer adults will be needed and children may be able to join alone.

The current routes are organised to allow students to meet us at intersections. If you want to join but are worried that you might not be able to reach one of the routes, or are wondering if you’ll keep up, get in touch. We want the Bike Bus to be as inclusive as possible.

How do we join the Millen Bike Bus

If you and your kids are enthusiastic, fill in this survey so that we can keep you updated. Currently we have two planned routes. These may change so that we can accommodate new ‘passengers’. At the moment, the routes don’t pass directly by students’ houses: you’ll need to come to the nearest cross street.”

Survey Form Information


Many thanks to the first Bike Bus in Vic Park, up and running at Lathlain PS.  As well as providing inspiration and practical advice, they have allowed us to use material from their website.