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P&C Uniforms website, for online ordering

Purchasing School Uniforms

The supply of uniforms is handled by a team of volunteer parents and is a sub-committee of the P&C Association.

  • Visit the P&C Uniforms website
  • See School Calendar/Katitjiny newsletter for Shop open dates and times
  • Uniform Shop is closed during school holidays
  • All enquiries can be made by emailing

Dress Code – Rationale

The School Community believes a school dress code:

  • Promotes and enhances the public image of the school
  • Fosters in students the sense of belonging and of loyalty and pride in their school
  • Encourages equity amongst students
  • Assists staff in ensuring the safety of all students
  • Enables recognition of students when on out-of-school excursions
  • Helps establish a positive working tone within the school which assists in building school and team spirit.
  • Keeps clothing costs to a minimum

All students are expected to wear uniforms unless there are special circumstances which have been negotiated with the Principal at the time of enrolment.


Exemptions or modifications for:

  • Religious reasons, or
  • Medical reasons,

may be negotiated with the Principal at the time of enrolment.