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Kindergarten Enrolments

As at May 2021, we still have some capacity for Kindy 2021

If you are seeking a Kindy placement for your child in 2021, please contact the school by phone or email to:

The application process for Kindy 2022 closes on Friday 23rd July, 2021

Application to Enrol at Millen Primary

Millen Primary School is currently a local intake area school. This means the school’s enrolment procedures align with the Department’s procedures for local intake area schools.

New enrolment applications are accepted on the basis of:

  1. Reside in intake area, with a sibling at the school
  2. Reside in intake area with no sibling
  3. Out of area but with a sibling already at the school
  4. Out of area with no sibling (if availability and approved by the Principal. )

Application for Enrolment Form – writable PDF.  (Download the PDF, complete form on computer, save file then email it to us as an attachment)

Kindergarten – Additional information

General Information for Kindergarten Enrolment at Millen Primary School

This is an application only and not a confirmed enrolment.

  • A parent/responsible person applying to enrol a child in a public school should complete an Application for Enrolment.
  • Permanent Australian residents and holders of a 457 Visa can apply directly to a public school.  For other visa holders, enrolment application processes and fees payable differ depending on your visa subclass – please refer to the TAFE International Western Australia website for initial information –
  • Children may be enrolled in Kindergarten in one school only, either public or private.
  • Please complete one form for each child. You will also be required to show proof of your child’s date of birth (birth certificate or passport), the child’s Immunisation History Statement and your usual place of residence (a rates notice, lease agreement or utility account).

Application Procedure:

  • Download and complete the Application for Enrolment form and submit it along with the required documents listed..
  • Applications for the first round of offers for Kindergarten can be submitted at any time during the year prior to attending until the application closing date, which is the first Friday of Term 3.
  • Applications may still be made after this date and will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Department of Education’s Enrolment Policy (Section 3.1.3) which can be found at
  • You will be advised in writing within three weeks of the advertised closing date whether or not your application has been accepted.
  • Once accepted you will be required to complete enrolment procedures at the school. At this time, parents should bring any relevant medical information, Family Court Orders or Parenting Plans and immigration documents (Visa Grant Notice) if applicable.
  • If your Application for Enrolment is not accepted, and you disagree with the school’s decision, you can appeal to the South Metropolitan District Education Office. Prior to submitting an appeal, however, it is recommended that you contact the school principal to discuss your grievance informally.

Note:  Acceptance for enrolment in Kindergarten does not guarantee enrolment at Millen Primary School for the following compulsory year, unless the child lives in that school’s local intake area.

If you have any other questions regarding an application into Kindergarten at Millen Primary School, please contact the office on 9264 7600 during office hours.