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Communication Channels

Communication Channels

Millen Primary School acknowledges that effective communication is the key to success in building a positive relationship between home and school. This relationship plays a vital role in the education of children at our school.

The school communicates to parents in a variety of ways.

CONNECT / ConnectNow app

As almost everyone has a smartphone, we ask that parents download the ConnectNow app.  You’ll be able to view all school notices on the app, including student assessment reports.

You’ll also be able to log in via a computer to view classroom photos, and any worksheets or information that the teacher makes available for student learning.

The app is available from the Apple App Store, or Android Play Storesearch for ‘ConnectNow’.

Please contact office staff by phone or email  if you have lost your login details or have any problems logging into the Connect system.


The school uses this method when the communication is not time-critical, if its lengthy, or has attachments.


This is a supplementary source of communication as we understand that not all families use it. If you’re a Facebook user, please read the Millen Primary School Facebook Code of Conduct. Search for Millen Primary School in Facebook.

Hard-copy printouts

We try to only use this method when we do not have electronic contact details for parents.

Parents are asked to promptly inform the school when their contact phone number or 
email address changes, if their child’s health needs change, or anything you feel may impact on your child at school.

Parent Information Meetings

Within the first weeks of school resuming all teachers will conduct a parent information meeting. The purpose of this meeting is for teachers to share classroom policies and procedures and to explain how parents/carers can best support their child’s learning program. Teachers will inform parents/carers of the time for this meeting. Please note: these meetings are not for individual interviews. Individual parent/teacher interviews can be arranged via a note to the teacher or phone message via the school office.