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Katitjiny – Week 1, 2021

Week beginning Monday, 1 February 2021

Welcome to the 2021 school year. I look forward to meeting all of our new children and families and welcoming back all of our existing children and their families. I hope you all had a nice break over the summer holidays.

We begin the year with six new members of staff:

  • Holly Clarke – Pre-primary teacher
  • Michelle Berry – Year 1/2 teacher
  • Janette Tuttle – Year 5 teacher
  • Alana Cianciosi – Year 1 teacher (Fridays) and Kindy DOTT provider
  • Friederike Winson-Berlin – special needs EA
  • Annika Marsh – School psychologist

Our new administration building is open and business has already begun! Parents and family members can enter this building through the main entrance, accessible via the stairs on Playfield Street or walking along the path beside the driveway on Etwell Street (please note: the parking outside the building is for staff and visitors only).

During the school day the children and staff can enter the building via an entrance on the oval side of the building.  A bollard will soon be installed in the driveway near the old staff carpark to prevent cars driving over the pedestrian access (between the new and old building) during the day. This will keep this crossing safe for children.

Parents are reminded to go directly to the office (in the new administration building) if they are collecting or dropping their child to school during school hours or if their child is late to school.

COVID 19 update/reminder

Parents and family members continue to be allowed on the school site. Children can be taken to their classroom and collected from the classroom. We ask all parents and adult family members to please be mindful of existing physical distancing requirements. We ask you to please keep your time inside the classroom short and wait to enter if the room appears to be crowded. We remind everyone to please remember good hand hygiene.

Children are still encouraged to bring their own water bottles. These can be refilled from the drink fountains during the day.

Student Medications

If your child requires medication at school, please ensure you bring it to the new office on Monday so we can register it in our system.

Any new medications will require a form to be completed.

Quadrangle update

We had planned on upgrading the quadrangle over the school holidays. Unfortunately, the final cost for the job was more than double the original costing we had been given. We are now changing the specifications so the upgrade can be done within our budget. We will keep you posted.

School oval

Some of you have noticed the poor condition of the grass on our school oval. Both our bore and pump stopped working over the holidays. Repairs are underway but will take a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding.

New Nature Play equipment and garden upgrade

Over the holidays, one of our dads – Dan from D & G Landscaping – added some extra equipment to the Kindy/PP Nature Play area.  He and his wife also generously donated a significant number of plants and arranged a team of volunteers to plant them all.  We are so very grateful for their efforts.


All parents should have received a text message notifying them of their child’s classroom and teacher. If you did not receive a message, please check the school has your current contact details.

I would like to wish every one of our wonderful Millen kids a fantastic start to the school year!

Isobel Comrie,