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Katitjiny – Week 10 21.09.2020

Week 10 – Commencing 21.9.2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Thank you all, for your support this term. We are lucky to live in Western Australia. This term it really felt as though we had returned to ‘normal’. We still need to remain mindful of the possibility of our circumstances changing, but we are grateful we were all able to enjoy some whole school events once again.

We have lots of exciting events planned for next term and we look forward to sharing these experiences with you and with your children.

I hope you all have a lovely break and enjoy some family time over the holidays.

Students return for Term 4 on TUESDAY 12 OCTOBER.

Isobel Comrie

Year 6 Graduation Photo and Specialist Group Photos – Thursday 24th September

Students in the following groups will have their photos taken between 9am and 11am on Thursday:

  • Year 6 Leavers
  • Guitar, brass and clarinet students
  • Student Councillors
  • Faction Captains and Vice Captains
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Team
  • STEM Trailblazers

If your child is in any of these groups, please ensure they are wearing correct school uniform, and have their badges with them.  (Year 6 students in their Leavers shirts, and bring faction shirts to change into.)

Holiday and Term 4 Activities

Many new items have been added to the Millen website (the new ones appear in purple).  Go to:


This week:

Monday, 21st September – PP Family Picnic and Team Games – 2pm

Wednesday 23rd September – *  Assembly – 8:45am    * Orders close for Calendar & Cards fundraiser

Thursday 24th September – *  Year 6 Market Day Stalls – all students    * Yr 6 Graduation Photo and Specialist Group Photos (9-11am)

Friday 25th September – Last day of Term 3

 Upcoming dates:

Monday 12th October – Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 13th October – Students return – first day of Term 4

Friday 16th October – Nomination close for 2021 Student Leaders

Wednesday 28th October – Assembly, STEM Fair and Family Challenge