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Katitjiny – 10.08.2020

Week 4 – beginning Monday, 10 August

Cross Country

Thank you to Mr Anderson for organising this year’s Cross Country at Higgins Park and thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend. Well done to all of the students for a fantastic effort. The Interschool Cross Country is on this Thursday, 13 August at Harold Rossiter Park. Good luck to our Interschool Cross Country Team!

School Board Annual Public Meeting

The School Board had its Annual Public Meeting on Thursday 6 August in the Library. We welcomed our two new parent members Kate Harwood and Sam Sterrett. The Student Leadership group (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership Group, Faction Leaders, Student Councillors and STEM Trailblazers) presented, giving the Board an idea of their responsibilities as leaders. We then had a short discussion on the best things about Millen (the Millen Way; the diversity at Millen; everything about Millen!) and what they might change if they had a magic wand (moving the pole at the bottom of the bike path; make Room 2 bigger; finish the Admin Building so we have more room to play again).  These students did such a great job, showing confidence and thoughtfulness. We were very proud of the way they represented their fellow students. We also had a great presentation and discussion with Noelene Johnston, Leticia Clarke and Pat Gabb on the Millen Play Position Statement.

The Annual Public Meeting is a highlight of our year and we were really happy to welcome a number of parents to the open meeting.

  • Other issues discussed during the meeting included:
    • Current enrolment numbers and projections for next year. Some growth expected but it is too soon to know if an additional classroom will be needed.
    • An update from the P&C

 An update on the Higgins Park and Playfield Reserve Master Planning process. This is an important development in our community and we are keen to make sure all parents at the school are aware of the options that will be put forward for community comment.   This website has all the current information:  

In fulfilling our role to provide advice and direction to the School, the Board continues to explore opportunities to engage with parents and school staff to ensure our discussions are inclusive of diverse views. This is something to which we are very committed as a Board and as individuals, and as our student leaders said, the diversity within Millen is something they truly value.

If you would like to input to the Board or have ideas on how we can improve our representation of you, please feel free to approach any of us if you see us at school, or to email me

Linda Adnyana
Chair, Millen Primary School Board

Fundraising with Entertainment Memberships :

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This week:

Monday 10 August – 7pm P & C meeting

Wednesday 12 August – Assembly

Thursday 13 August – Interschool Cross Country

Friday 14 August – Football Mania – Free-dress day

 Next week:

Tuesday 18 August – Music incursion for PP – Yr 6

Thursday 19 August – Perth Zoo excursion for Rooms 10, 11, 12 & 13

Friday 21 August – School Development Day – PUPIL FREE DAY

Further ahead:

 Wednesday 26 August – Book Week dress-up parade