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Katitjiny – Week 8 – 06/06/2021

Week 8 – beginning Tuesday, 8th June 2021

Paying It Forward at Millen

Did you know, at the end of each year we contact the parents who have left over credit on their account and ask them if they would like to:

  • roll this money over to use the following year,
  • get a refund, or
  • pay it forward.

So far this year, the Pay It Forward funds have been used for some of our senior students to attend the Swan Valley Adventure excursion and the Summer Carnival.

Isobel Comrie, Principal

Cross Country

The Millen Cross Country will be held at the Higgins Park Oval, on Thursday the 10th of June 2020.  Parents and family members are welcome. Please remember to maintain a physical distance of 1.5m from other adults

Weather permitting, all Year 1 – 6 students will participate in this event. Students are encouraged to wear their faction colours, either polo or tee shirt, and appropriate shoes. Parents please send a change of clothes for students in case of rain, and ensure that all clothes are clearly labelled.

Students from Year 3 up who place from 1st to 6th in their respective events will make up the Millen Interschool Cross Country Team. Only those who compete in the school cross country will be considered. The first five will attend and represent the school. Reserves will not go unless they are needed to replace one of the original team members on the day.

We will endeavour, wherever possible, to start races at the scheduled time (see next page) to ensure that parents, especially those who have arranged time off from work, will not miss their child’s event. Please be aware however, that times may be changed, especially if rain is expected.

Schedule of Events:                       8:45           Year 1 Boys                                 10:00        Year 4 Boys

8.55           Year 1 Girls                                  10:20        Year 4 Girls

9:05           Year 2 Boys                                 11:20        Year 5 Boys

9.15           Year 2 Girls                                  11:40        Year 5 Girls

9:25           Year 3 Boys                                 12:05        Year 6 Boys

9:45           Year 3 Girls                                  12:35        Year 6 Girls

Jamie Petrovich, PE Teacher

Kiss & Drive Zones

We are still seeing many parents parking and leaving their cars in the Kiss & Drive zones.  If you need to walk your child to their class, or are attending assembly, please park on the street in appropriate areas. (There’s lots of parking on Playfield Street, or in Fred Bell Parade outside the RSL.)  The Kiss & Drive zones are for a 5 minute drop-off / pick-up only, and drivers must remain with their vehicle.

Lunchbox tip

Instead of buying individually packaged items like yogurts, packets of sultanas etc, buy a bigger amount and distribute them into reusable containers. It’s often cheaper and reduces the overall waste. Time-poor? Do a week’s worth in advance, or teach the kids to do this for themselves the night before to save lunchbox stress in the morning.

School Board Update

The School Board met on Thursday 4 June and discussed the following items:

  • School Review Report and next steps: The Board noted that the Review Report is representative of the current situation at Millen, with many of the recommendations reflected in our new School Business Plan. This is heartening to know the School is on the right path. The Board will continue to have oversight of implementation of outcomes from the Review as part of our role in monitoring progress against the Business Plan. We will also discuss the Department’s Engaging and Working with your Community Toolkit at our next meeting, to see how we can continue to improve community engagement and support for our great school.
  • We discussed approaches used in the School to manage funds allocated by the Department of Education to support children with special needs. A parent-friendly explanatory document is going to be prepared and the Board looks forward to helping in this process.
  • We heard of a new program being implemented in the School to offer support to young people with caring responsibilities, which sounds like it will make a really positive difference to children in this situation at Millen.
  • We approved the School’s 2020 Annual Report which has taken a slightly different approach given the disrupted year 2020 was. It also includes a short summary of the Board’s activities during the year. This will be published on the School’s website soon.
  • We heard that anticipated enrolment numbers for next year are such that an additional classroom will be needed in 2021 and a couple of options are being explored between the School and the Department.
  • As part of the regular Finance Report we were advised that the Pay it Forward initiative has provided $171 of support to children in need. Examples include financial support to attend leadership activities. This option was introduced a couple of years ago and gives families the option to donate back any credit in their school fees to the school to be used to help provide equitable opportunities for all children.
  • We had a brief update from the P&C, acknowledging the fantastic momentum in fund raising and other activities.

Our next meeting is the annual public meeting on 5 August. All members of the school community are welcome to attend and we will be hearing from some of the student leaders as well as short presentations on the Student Wellbeing program and Planet Millen.

Linda Adnyana
Chair, Millen School Board

P&C Fundraiser – Tommy Sugo Pasta Drive

The Millen Primary School P&C, in conjunction with Tommy Sugo, are running a pasta drive to raise funds to put back into our school.

Delicious Tommy Sugo products can be ordered using the attached link (  Orders open on 7th June 2021 and close on 1st July 2021 with commission being donated to the P&C.

  • Pasta products can be home delivered or picked up from the school canteen on Friday afternoons at 2.30pm during school term.
  • We’d love you forward the link to family and friends, so they can also place orders to help us raise money for the school.

Don’t forget there will also be a Tommy Sugo Pop-up stall at the school on Friday 11th June, 2.30pm outside the canteen.


This week:

Mon 7 June – Public Holiday

Wed, 9 June – Junior Assembly – Room 12

Thursday, 10 June – Millen PS Cross Country

Friday, 11 June –

  • 2.30pm Tommy Sugo pop up stall (undercover area)
  • 3pm P & C meeting
Next week:

Monday, 14 June – NAIDOC incursion Years 1 – 2/3

Tuesday, 15 June – NAIDOC incursion Years 3 – 6

Wednesday, 16 June – Senior Assembly – Room 19

Friday, 18 June – Teachers vs Students soccer game