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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

At Millen, parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged in the Kindy centre. There are several ways in which you can get involved:

  • Assist with the parent help roster. There will be a roster for you to write your name on. Grandparents or someone special to your child can also help.
  • Attending class excursions, parent workshops, class concerts or the school P&C Committee meetings
  • Sharing any special skills you may have—eg. carpentry, music, cooking,
  • Volunteering to wash aprons and hand towels
  • Saving ice-cream, yoghurt, margarine containers, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.

Before assisting in any classroom activity, parents/carers must complete a Confidential Declaration which verifies that there are no circumstances which preclude them from working with or near children. This is available from the classroom teacher.