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Preparing Your Child

Preparing your Child

  • Read books to your child about starting Kindy.
  • Be positive and excited with your child about starting Kindergarten.
  • Talk about some of the Kindy activities, such as painting, play dough, blocks, story- telling, music, sand and water play etc.
  • Try to establish a daily routine at home i.e. set a time to wake up, get dressed and eat breakfast. Map out daily activities such as art time, play time, nap time, lunch time, reading time etc. Getting used to the home schedule will prepare your child for the more regimented school routine.
  • Practising social skills such as co-operation, sharing, conflict resolution and empathy, can help your child interact with other children at Kindy.
    • Encourage your child to solve conflicts independently.
    • Use positive reinforcement and give your child the opportunity to make his/her own choices.
    • Motivate your child with incentives for good behaviour rather than just threatening punishment for bad behaviour.
  • Help your child to develop good language and comprehension skills by reading aloud regularly and discussing what you have read.
  • Encourage your child to give detailed answers to questions rather than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Also refer to the booklet Hello Kindergarten!